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10 Tips for Marketing Your Flooring Installation Company

Are you a residential contractor or flooring installation specialist trying to grow your business? If so, then you need to improve your digital marketing efforts. Did you know that 8 out of 10 American adults go online at least once every single day? 

This is why you need to take your marketing efforts to the next level to grow your business. Keep reading to learn the top ten tips for marketing your flooring installation company and start bringing in new leads daily. 


optimize website - flooring installation company

1. Optimize Your Website

First, as you begin to increase your marketing strategy, you need to ensure your website is fully optimized to convert the traffic you drive to it. Begin with determining what your goals are once your ideal customer visits your site. Do you want them to join your email list, schedule services, sign up for a discovery call, or something else? 

When you know what your goals are, you can optimize your website for ultimate conversion. Three ways to do this include making your site user-friendly, incorporating quality graphics, and building your domain authority.  

Easy to Navigate

Your website must be user-friendly. This includes making it easy to navigate with clear categories and paths for your visitors to follow. You also want to make it easy for visitors to navigate between pages and ensure that each page loads quickly, so your customers don't have to wait for anything to load. 

If it makes sense, include a "Start Here" landing page and show your visitors how you can help them solve their problems. People today are overwhelmed by decision fatigue; take the decisions out of visiting your site but make it clear where your customers can quickly find the information they need. 

High-Quality Images

Second, you must include high-quality graphics. We live in a visual world, and your readers will get bored if they see a block of text that isn't broken up with images. When you do this, be sure to compress the size of your images so that you don't slow down your site speed. 

Build Authority

Your website is more than an online billboard for your business. This is your chance to build your authority for both Google and your audience. After the E-A-T upgrade, building your authority is more important than ever, and you can do this by creating high-value blog posts, which we'll discuss in a later section.


define your brand - flooring installation company

2. Define Your Brand

As you work to optimize your website and increase your marketing tactics online, you will need to spend some time focusing on defining your brand. This is more than simply creating a logo and choosing your color scheme.

You must sit down and write out what your company stands for, how you help your audience, the tone you'll use in your blog posts, and the overarching story each piece of content you create tells. When you know this information ahead of time, it will be much easier to create content for your marketing strategies as we work out the rest of the tips.  


Audience - flooring installation company

3. Define Your Audience

Next, you need to know who you're marketing to. It isn't enough to create social media graphics that don't speak to anyone in particular and wonder why your conversions are low. You need to write out, in detail, who your ideal target audience is before you jump into any of the next tips for marketing your flooring business.  

You need to know your audience better than they know themselves. What are their interests, fears, problems? Go beyond simple demographics and dive into their psychographics as well, such as their beliefs and values, their attitudes, and their aspirations. 

When you know this information, you can create content that speaks to them and convert them to become paying customers.


Focus on SEO - flooring installation company

4. Focus on SEO

Finally, we're jumping into some digital marketing strategies that can increase traffic to your flooring installation business. The number one way you should work on marketing your flooring company is through SEO or search engine optimization.

When you're ranking for key terms that your ideal audience is searching for every day, you will see new leads coming to your business every day. You can begin to rank your flooring installation company by writing blog articles relevant to your audience. This is why you have to start with your audience before you can create your marketing. 

Talk with your current and past customers to find out what information they searched for before finding you. Then create the content that you know your audience is looking for. This is the best way to rank your website on the search engines and drive traffic organically. 

If you don't currently have an audience you can ask, start your research online. Visit forums that your target audience is in and see what questions are being asked frequently. Then answer those questions with helpful blog posts and videos. 


google my business SEO - flooring installation company

5. Go Local With Your SEO

When you're creating your SEO strategy, don't forget to focus on your local SEO strategy. This includes ensuring that your Google My Business profile is optimized for conversions. So, if you stopped at your contact information such as name, address, and phone number when claiming your business, then you have more work to do. 

You can create posts here as well as on your blog. You can include images from your blog or latest projects if you have your clients' permission. You can also ask your former clients to leave a review, as we'll show in the next section.  


Ask for Review - flooring installation company

6. Ask for Reviews

The first thing potential customers will do when they hear about your flooring company will be to Google you. And when they do, they want to see what your former customers thought of your business and service.

At the end of each job, be sure to mention that you would appreciate them leaving you a review online. On your GMB profile, which you created in the previous tip, you can also respond to reviews. Be sure to do this for every review, including the negative ones; your potential customers will be glad to know that you listen to your clients and will listen to them too.  


email marketing - flooring installation company

7. Email Marketing

Don't discount your email marketing when creating your digital marketing strategies. Too many businesses have heard that email marketing is dead, but it holds the highest ROI amongst online marketing and should be at the forefront of your strategies.  

One of the main goals your website should focus on is building your email list. This is how you can convert your visitors into customers. Not many people will sign up for your flooring installation services after one visit to your site, but they would sign up for a free estimate. 

Offer something of value for free in exchange for their email address. Then create helpful email campaigns that will encourage your subscribers to contact you for their flooring needs. People want to work with businesses they trust, and you can build that trust through email. 


social media marketing - flooring installation company

8. Social Media Marketing

When most business owners hear that they need to increase their marketing efforts online, they jump onto social media platforms and post that they are having a sale. Then they wonder why they don't see the conversions they want. As you can see, you can't start your strategy here; you need to start at the beginning with your brand and your audience. 

Now your marketing team knows what their goals are, who they're speaking to, and the story their social media posts should tell. If you start at the beginning of our list and work your way to social media marketing, you will see much higher conversion rates.


pay per click - flooring installation company

9. Pay Per Click Advertising

Organic marketing is great and will eventually drive traffic day in and day out to your business. But you need traffic now, and that will require an investment in paid marketing. But again, don't start here without first taking those beginning steps. 

It won't do your business any good to pay for traffic to a website optimized for conversions. When you're ready, paid traffic can be a great way to drive steady traffic quickly. But remember that you can't scale it without scaling your investment, so be sure to set the foundation with organic marketing first.  


networking - flooring installation company

10.  Don't Forget In-Person Networking

Lastly, too many business owners have forgotten about in-person networking for their flooring business. Take the time to develop relationships with others in your industry, such as realtors, property managers, or even hardware stores in your area. 

Hold an in-person or digital seminar about flooring installation. Then, ask your network to share about them with their customers. These business owners will be happy to offer value to their audience, which can drive valuable traffic to your business. 


10 Tips for Marketing Your Flooring Installation Company.

Now You're Ready to Start Marketing Your Flooring Installation Company

As you can see, there are many facets to marketing your flooring installation  company. And each level will build upon the rest giving you many different avenues to drive traffic to your business.

As you grow your marketing efforts, you will have more leads than you can handle, and your business will scale accordingly. Be sure that you're ready for that growth with the right machines and tools to get your job done well. 



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