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How to Choose the Right Concrete Floor Grinder

Grinding concrete is an integral part of floor refurbishing. Many experienced floorers will use a concrete floor grinder this year to update a garage, renovate a basement, or refinish a patio. While it may seem like just one concrete floor grinder will do, each tool is designed for specific jobs and processes. 

How can you know which grinder to choose? With so many options, both experts and DIYers may struggle to find the best tool for the job at hand. No one likes to pay someone else to fix their mistake, so it's crucial to get the guidance you need and pick the right grinder the first time. 

Whether you're prepping concrete for staining, changing a flooring's exposure, or leveling a floor after repairing cracks, you'll need a concrete grinder to finish the job. Here's everything you need to know to get the best concrete floor grinder for your business.


Why Do You Need a Concrete Grinder

Why Do You Need a Concrete Grinder?

When you're looking to expand your flooring services, a good grinder can help you get the job done right. Grinding the floor is an essential step to help concrete look like new. Depending on the grinder, you can use this tool to change the look of your concrete floors and prep the floors for a new finish. 

Most concrete renovation projects begin with removing the existing flooring on top of the concrete. You may also start by getting rid of an old finish on the concrete. A grinder is used to remove the top layer of the concrete and expose a deeper layer that's ready for refinishing. 

A grind and seal concrete floor is one of the most popular treatments for concrete. During a grind and seal process, you use the grinder to remove the surface level of the concrete before applying a sealant. The grinding files out any imperfections and gets rid of leftover stain or epoxy coatings from previous finishes, leaving a surface primed for sealant or stain.

You may need to fill in cracks or fix pitting before you start refinishing a concrete floor. Sometimes, the repairs can leave the floor uneven and patchy. The right grinder can also be used for grinding a concrete floor level. 

Having the right tool for the job helps you pitch your services with confidence. 



Picking the Right Grinder for You

A powerful floor model can be intimidating if you aren't sure what grinder you need for the job. While there are a ton of grinders available, many can be multipurpose with the use of different types and sizes of grinding pads. 

A concrete grinder works best at higher speeds around 1000 rpm. Refinishing a floor properly takes time, but a high-speed tool can speed along the process and offer an even grind across the entire floor. The standard cost to grind concrete floor is between $1 to $4 per square feet, so covering a lot of ground in less time makes offering concrete floor refinishing to your clients an economical choice.

You may think that the biggest, most variable tool is the best option for you. However, that's not always the case. There are a few major grinder types to consider before you buy your first concrete grinder.


Planetary Grinders

Planetary Grinders

Planetary grinders have multiple pads that spin simultaneously at different speeds to refinish the floor. These grinders are usually lighter and easier to maneuver than other concrete grinders. As you push a planetary grinder across the floor, you can cover the same location with different types of pads to create an even finish. 

Planetary grinders are ideal for smoothing and prepping jobs. You can polish a floor with a planetary grinder if you have the proper skill. However, for many restoration jobs, a planetary grinder may not be strong enough to get the job done. 

However, these grinders are usually easier to transport and use, so they may be a valuable asset to your collection. As you use your planetary grinder, it may require more maintenance like replacing belts or pulleys over time.


Rotary Grinders

Rotary Grinders

Rotary grinders have a single large pad that moves at a high speed to refinish a concrete floor. This large concrete floor grinder is the primary tool for many concrete flooring experts. Rotary grinders have a higher rotational speed than other types, but they are generally much more difficult to maneuver due to their weight. 

These tools are used for more intense jobs, like removing a stain from an existing floor or changing the floor's exposure. A rotary grinder is a must to grind and seal concrete floor. However, if you're still asking "how to grind concrete floor," then this tool might be beyond your skill range. 

A rotary grinder might take more time to refinish a floor, but there is also less of a chance you'll need to go over the floor more than once to get the smooth, even surface you're looking for. 


Single-Speed vs Multi-Speed

Single-Speed vs Multi-Speed

Choosing a variable or single-speed option may seem like a no-brainer. Single-speed tools may be lighter and easier to travel with, so they're the perfect tool for removing overlays and stains from concrete. There are some high speed, single-speed tools that can get the whole job done, like the Onfloor OF16S-H and OF20S-H. 

However, a multi-speed tool can offer flexibility for different flooring challenges. If you're taking on many concrete refinishing jobs, a powerful multi-speed tool like the OF20Pro can make your work much easier, provided you have the skilled team to use it well.



What's the ROI of a Concrete Floor Grinder? 

Using a high-powered concrete floor grinder can save contractors time and money on flooring projects. If you offer grind and seal concrete floor services, you may be renting a grinder to help with the occasional job. Getting a powerful grinder outright can make the cost to grind concrete floor much lower for you, which means you can pass those savings along to your customer. 

Whether you're grinding a concrete floor level, removing layers of glue, or preparing concrete for staining, having a large concrete floor grinder pays for itself. If you've been wondering "how to grind concrete floor," you'll be surprised to learn how easy it is with one of these powerful tools. 

Ready to find the perfect grinder for your business? Reach out today! Our expert team can help you choose the best concrete grinder for your business in no time. 


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