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Tips for Choosing a Concrete Grinder to Buy

Do you need a grinder for a big concrete floor project? If you do, there are some things you should consider before selecting a grinder. There isn't a "one size fits all" concrete grinder that you can use for every job. Therefore, it's in your best interest to know exactly what you're looking for when selecting a concrete grinder. 

There has been an increase in the demand for concrete because it's such a great alternative to traditional flooring. That boom has enhanced the number of concrete flooring jobs. With that said, if you need tips on how to buy a concrete grinder, continue reading the content below.



What's the Purpose of Using a Concrete Grinder?

What's the Purpose of Using a Concrete Grinder?

Concrete is a natural element that degrades with time. Therefore, it needs reviving every now and again. Not only that, but there are many ways to boost the aesthetics of concrete to make it look more polished. Concrete grinding is a technique that uses abrasive tools to create a beautiful smooth finish on concrete surfaces.

A  concrete grinder will leave a smooth finish that's more polished than if you were to use a shot blaster. What's even better, a grinder also helps to eliminate grease, dirt, and harmful industrial concrete elements.



Selecting a Concrete Grinder

Selecting a Concrete Grinder

When it comes to selecting a concrete grinder, it's best to determine how you want to use it. Concrete can be polished using a wet or dry method, but most of the time both techniques are used. Wet grinding consists of water, which gets rid of the dust on concrete and makes the diamond abrasives cooler.

Water operates as a lubricant, and it extends the life of the abrasive tools on the concrete grinder. For example, the resin bonded discs sometimes melt due to high temperatures, but the water helps to prevent that from happening. Unfortunately, wet grinding is a bit messy, and cleaning it up is a separate job from the grinding itself. 

On the other hand, the dry grinding method is water-free, and it's the step that’s done at the beginning of the concrete grinding job. The dry process allows you to remove the bulk of the concrete.

Once the concrete is smooth, it's best to switch to wet grinding. One of the key steps to take when changing from dry to wet is to switch out the metal bonded diamonds for the resin bonded abrasives. You could also use the resin bonded discs that are designed for dry polishing because they don't require any water.



Types of Concrete Grinders

There isn't one standard concrete grinder since every grinding job is different. When you're working on concrete, you have to make sure that you use the proper machinery. Here are the different types of concrete grinders:


Single and Dual Disc Grinders

Single and Dual Disc Grinders

A single disc concrete grinder is great for minor residential concrete jobs.  They are lightweight and operate at 110 volts with 15 amps of power that can be plugged into a regular wall outlet. Single disc grinders are very narrow, and if your grinding job is less than  1,000 square feet, then a single disc grinder is exactly what you need.

On the other hand, dual disc grinders include two discs that spin separately, and they are great for either commercial or industrial grade grinder jobs. They are wide and can cover more concrete than the single disc version. This option is best for jobs that are greater than 1,500 square feet.

A dual concrete grinder uses roughly 110 volts and 20 amps. It's powered by either gas or propane and are best for outdoor use.


Planetary Grinders

Planetary Grinders

Planetary concrete grinders consist of three discs. Each one spins separately while circling around a center point. These types of concrete grinders are best for large grinding projects, but they're mainly used as floor polishing devices.

When you polish concrete floors, it's much like sanding wood. There are different grits involved and you begin with a low grit and elevate to a higher number. For example, you might begin with an 18 grit disc, then bump it up to 30, then 120. 


Tips for Choosing a Concrete Grinder to Buy

Edge Grinders

Edge concrete grinders are great for maneuvering in small spaces. Let's say you need to get right into a vertical edge, this grinder would do the trick. Many times, individuals who are working on a concrete flooring project will use other means of getting into vertical edges.

However, with this machine, you don't have to do that. Plus, you should be able to cover at least 400 to 500 linear feet of concrete within an hour with an edge grinder. 

It's a huge benefit to use this type of grinder because it significantly reduces the amount of time and effort needed for edge grinder work. When doing a concrete project, you can save a tremendous amount of time on labor. 


Concrete Grinder Tools 

Concrete Grinder Tools 

Diamond accessories help to get rid of stains on concrete and handle tough jobs. They come in a variety of grits from low to high. 

The low-level grits are for removing aggressive concrete. However, medium grits are used for standard concrete grinding. Lastly, high grits are designed for concrete polishing. 

Keep in mind that when selecting a diamond accessory, you have to consider its bond. The bond will determine how the diamond crystals are held together within the tool. The type of bond that you pick should either be soft, medium, or hard. 

The option that you choose out of that category is determined by the abrasiveness of the concrete that you're grinding. In order to get the most productivity out of the concrete grinder, matching the correct bond is vital.



Where to Buy a Concrete Grinder

If you're in the market for a concrete grinder, On Floor Technologies has you covered. We provide a variety of floor grinders, as well as edgers and vacuums. Our inventory includes multiple machines to accommodate any job.

Not only that, but we supply additional accessories such as maintenance kits, hoses, belts, dust skirts, and more. 

As a bonus to our customers, we provide free standard shipping on all orders over $100. Just use code FREESHIP100 to get your discount. If you have any questions about our machinery, feel free to call us at +1-877-356-6703 or contact us online to request a demo of our grinder products.

We look forward to helping you tackle your concrete flooring job!

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