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Concrete Contractors: Finding and Choosing the Right One

When you need concrete work done on your commercial or residential building, it's time to find a professional.

This isn't a job that you can do on your own. Americans use near 100,000 tons of concrete every year, so you're not alone, and there are sure to be contractors nearby to help.

With so many concrete contractors offering their services, do you know how to find a concrete contractor that's going to work for you and your project? It isn't as easy as making a quick Google search and picking the first option that comes up. 

We want to help guide you. We know the best of the best contractors near you, and we have a few ideas on how to help you make the right decision.

Keep reading this helpful guide on how to choose a concrete contractor that's going to be the perfect match for your next project. 

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Ask for Recommendations

Ask for Recommendations

Word-of-mouth is still a valuable method of spreading information and good reviews. If other people in your field or social circle have needed concrete contractors in the past, be sure to ask them about who they used and how well the contractors did their job. 

A personal recommendation can be more valuable than any online review, especially if the person is a trusted peer.

That said, not all concrete projects are alike. We'll be sure to cover that later on. Make sure that the person you're talking to had a good experience in the niche that you're looking for.



Do Your Own Research

Do Your Own Research

After you get recommendations from the people around you, why not look around online? You can do a basic search engine search to find the concrete contractors in your area, or search on a concrete network site for your options. 

Once you have several contractors to choose from, check out their websites. They should have lists of services, an overall mission statement, and potentially their costs and accolades. 

A good contracting site may also have testimonials from happy customers and a page that shows off all of their successful projects. 

Part of doing your research is also going to be looking into online reviews. Google reviews and Yelp reviews are great places to start.

How do people like the concrete contractors in question? Are they happy with the results? Did they have any major issues that you should look out for? 

While customer reviews aren't always accurate, they'll give you a feel for what to look out for. 



Consider the Costs

Consider the Costs

What's your budget for this project? How much are you willing or able to spend, and what are the costs associated with the contractors that you're looking into?

It's normal to have a budget, so don't feel bad about keeping track of your spending and price shopping a bit. 

Remember that you get what you pay for and contractors are keeping the costs of materials, floor grinders, and their time in mind when they set their prices. They have a lot to factor in. 

They need to adjust for any extra time spent on sub-concrete work, as well as the time that it will take to stamp concrete. 

A 24x24 slab of concrete will cost more than a 10x10. Asking around for quotes can get you a good average idea of what you're going to pay and what's a fair price

Check for Licensing

Good contractors are licensed and insured professionals. They should be happy to show off their licenses if you ask, as they know that you want to be sure that you're getting quality work. 

If someone can't provide the details you're looking for, reconsider. Not all states require licensure. That doesn't mean that it isn't helpful if they have it. 


Choose Someone With Experience In Your Task

Choose Someone With Experience In Your Task

Not all contractors are going to specialize in every kind of concrete work. Finding the right contractor for you includes learning about what each contractor or contracting company does best and assessing your specific needs. Make sure you know the right flooring terms that you need so you can communicate clearly with your contractor. 

Always ask to look at portfolios to make sure that your contractor can do the work that you want. 

Here are a few common projects for contractors and how each one is a specialty project.

Driveways and Floors

Driveways are the most common job for concrete contractors, meaning that you should have no problem finding the perfect contractor for the job. 

While concrete driveways and floors are being grouped together, there will be some slight differences. Driveways and parking lots tend to be more straightforward, with more attention being paid to functionality over aesthetics.

Floors, depending on where they are, may have more attention to the appearance. Even garage floors, normally considered plain, can benefit from some aesthetic details and coverings

Pool Decks or Pools

Getting a new pool is going to be an expensive project, meaning that your budget is going to be more important here than anywhere else. 

Pool work is likely to be mentioned on the company's main page. If they do pools, it's their most profitable form of work if they're focusing on residential services. Expect to pay upwards of $35,000.

They have to go below the ground to start, which adds extra costs. And the concrete can't just be in the form of a slab. It needs to shape a pool.

Picking someone who isn't an expert in pools and pool decks may get you a lower-quality job. 

Stamped and Decorative Concrete

Finding someone who's willing and happy to do decorative concrete work can be harder. Many concrete contractors may be traditional "just the concrete" type workers. While that's okay, you need to find a decorative concrete contractor if you want something stamped, tiled, nicely polished, or otherwise aesthetically appealing. 

These contractors are better for patio or walkway work, or other work that will be visible to others.

Odd Jobs

Not all contractors are for big assignments. Sometimes you need concrete repaired or refreshed.

Cracked garage floors aren't ideal. They could be harmful to your cards and equipment and they are generally unattractive. Hire someone to fix cracked floors to smooth things out. 

Most concrete contractors that can do large jobs are also happy to do these small odd jobs, but be sure to ask first. 

Choose Someone With Experience In Your Task

Not All Concrete Contractors Are Alike

There are over 56,000 concrete contractors in the United States. There's bound to be at least one in your city that will get the job done as you like it. You have to find them!

Whether you're installing a new pool, refinishing your garage floors, or starting a new patio project, make sure you make the right decision with our suggestions. 

If you want to learn all about the world of concrete, or if you're a professional looking for high-quality concrete tools, visit our site. We have what you need.

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