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How Much Does a Concrete Slab Cost?

A concrete slab is a great way to beautify a home or business. However, it’s important to keep costs under control when pouring a concrete slab.

Concrete slabs dry fast. There’s no need to wait several days for it to dry like you do when pouring a concrete basement.

Also, they help to keep unwanted pests at bay. Moreover, they’re an affordable way to add a stylish touch to a home or business.

To learn more about concrete slab cost, keep reading.



What Is a Concrete Slab?

What Is a Concrete Slab?

It helps to ask, “What is a concrete slab?” as opposed to a concrete foundation. When building concrete slabs, masonry contractors pour concrete directly onto a gravel bed.

They form the edges of the slab using wooden frames. Alternatively, contractors pour concrete floors inside a foundation, insulating concrete walls or cement blocks.

Before estimating the cost of a concrete slab, you’ll need to check your local building codes. The codes will provide you with guidelines that you must follow to install a concrete slab.

Concrete slabs are versatile. As an example, they make excellent landing decks for stairs.

They also look great in front of the front or rear entryways. Concrete slabs are also great areas for entertaining family or friends.


Prepping for Installation

Usually, a contractor will pour a 4-inch layer of gravel before laying the slab of concrete. Next, they’ll pour 4 inches of concrete on top of the gravel.

When building stairs, municipal codes typically require that a concrete slab extends past the steps approximately 36 inches. Usually, it must also extend behind the steps by 12 inches. Also, the pads must extend beyond the sides of the steps by about 6 inches.

When installing concrete slabs, it’s important to comply with the municipal codes of your area. You must meet the requirements of the code in order to pass inspection.


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Concrete Slab Cost

Concrete Slab Cost

A slab of concrete typically costs about $4 per square foot for materials. On average, a concrete slab cost about $6 per square foot with labor. Including labor, the cost of a concrete pad can range between $4 and $8 per square foot.

The average concrete pad measures around 30 feet by 30 feet. They’re also 4 to 6 inches deep. A handy concrete calculator can help you estimate how much material you need for the job.

Altogether, a standard size concrete slab may cost an average of $5,400. However, the price of a concrete slab can range from $3,600 to $7,200.

Several factors can affect the final cost of a concrete slab. For example, the thickness of a pad contributes to the cost of the project. Likewise, the thickness of the edges of the pad and edge finishing can also add to the project costs.


Special Project Circumstances

Added prep work can also add to the price of a concrete slab installation. For example, the project will cost more if contractors must perform significant grading. In some cases, contractors will need to grade all the way down to the subbase.

The cost of a concrete slab also varies based on local material costs. If your concrete slab needs reinforcement materials, such as rebar, this is an additional material cost.

Some home or business owners want extra features for their concrete slabs. For example, a property owner may want a concrete slab installed with radiant heat. Radiant heat is a value-added feature that also contributes to increased costs for the project.



Added Costs for Concrete Slabs

Added Costs for Concrete Slabs

Waste also contributes to the cost of a concrete slab. Unfortunately, it’s avoidable. When estimating material needs, you should add 10% to compensate for spillage.

The thickness of a concrete slab will also contribute to the cost of a project. For instance, a:

• 2-inch slab averages $4.55 per square foot
• 4-inch slab averages $5.35 per square foot
• 5-inch slab averages $5.80 per square foot
• 6-inch slab averages $6.20 per square foot
• 8-inch slab averages seven dollars per square foot

These estimates include the cost of labor.

Extra finish work and also contribute to the cost of laying a concrete slab. For example, a property owner may want contractors to grind the slab to a smooth finish.

Finish work can cost between $4 and $18 per square foot. Standard slab finishing may cost between $4 and $8 dollars per square foot.

Meanwhile, a property owner may want a border, colored, stenciled, or textured, stamped concrete slab. These kinds of finishes may cost $8 to $12 per square foot.

Alternatively, the property owner may desire multiple colors or patterns. They might even want engraved, scored, or stained concrete.

These finishes might cost between $12 and $18 per square foot. You’ll also need to add the cost of and needed concrete sealer to the job.


Hiring a Pro

It’s important to pour concrete just right. If you don’t have experience working with concrete, it’s best to hire a pro.

Typically, labor for a concrete slab cost around $45 per hour. A contractor may also charge about $60 to deliver the concrete.

If it’s a small slab, the contractor might pour it off-site and deliver it to your property. This method can reduce the cost of installation considerably. However, a contractor will need to pour any slab that’s the size of a driveway or larger on site.



The Right Tools for Perfect Slabs

The Right Tools for Perfect Slabs

Now you know more about concrete slab cost. What you need now are the right tools for the job.

For nearly 20 years, Onfloor Technologies has manufactured and distributed premium concrete floor finishing and restoration tools. Today, we’re a leading manufacturer of multi-surface passive planetary floor restoration machines. We proudly manufacture our concrete finishing tools right here in the United States.

Please feel free to browse our online catalog. If you have questions, you can contact an Onfloor Technologies representative at (877) 356-6703.

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