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Choosing the Ideal Industrial Floor Coating

Over time, your industrial flooring will wear and tear largely due to abrasions caused by heavy machinery or contact with corrosive chemicals. As such, when selecting an industrial floor coating, go for a durable, beautiful, and easy to clean option. 

In this post, we discuss factors you should consider while choosing the ideal industrial floor coating for your space: 

Factors to consider


When selecting the best floor coating products, it is essential to consider the safety of the product during and after the application process. Go for a low-VOC or no-VOC coating to prevent dangerous substances such as heavy metals, phthalates, and solvents from entering the air. The right product should not also omit chemicals such as formaldehyde that can harm the health of people within the commercial facility. Additionally, any floor coating must be safe for use near food preparation places, walk-in areas, and eating locations. An ideal low odor floor sealer is inert and doesn't feature significant residual smell often associated with the other brands.

Work environment demands

Depending on your industry, the floor may have to withstand a substantial amount of stress each day. Severe abuse such as abrasive cleaners, heavy foot traffic, chemical spills, forklift traffic, exposure to sunlight, and heavy level of moisture will determine the lifespan of your floor. However, the market features ideal floor coatings that are specially formulated to take all these challenges. Before you buy a floor coating, ensure you determine the exact stress you are protecting against. You can have a floor coating expert to do a thorough on-site inspection and advice on the best floor coating to install.

The type of floor

The type of flooring will influence the kind of surface coatings that you will choose. An industrial floor can be made of concrete, tile, hardwood, or a combination of all these. Most industrial floors are made of concrete, and you need to consider the density, age, and structural soundness of the concrete when deciding on the ideal coating. For example, it will not be wise to use enamel finishes on concrete floors that are susceptible to moisture.



You want a floor coating product that will last for long to offer the best value. The best product should provide a high-quality surface that is difficult to damage. A good option is a polished and sealed concrete as it features a high-quality finish that is ideal for high traffic areas. Epoxy is also another eco-friendly option that doesn't emit harmful substances. When properly installed and sealed, the ideal floor coating should last for a lifetime. Besides, go for a coating that features a low environmental impact. The right floor coating should not require constant refinishing in its entire lifetime.


When you choose the right flooring system, cleaning and maintaining the industrial environment will be much easier. You should go for a coating that discourages bacterial growth and other forms of organic life. With time, cracks, seams, and grout lines may offer bacteria a conducive environment for development and growth. Cracked surfaces are challenging to disinfect, meaning bacteria and germs will multiply fast, presenting a health hazard. A high-quality concrete floor coating should be seamless and poreless to prevent cracks and seams that are a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Such a floor system is also easy to clean and maintain.

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What Are The Available Options?

It can be a difficult task in choosing the best flooring type. There are several options, and each comes with their unique attributes. The two top-rated and popular industrial floor coating options are epoxy and polished concrete. These two, when combined, offer the best value and efficiency. Let's look at the two in detail:

Epoxy coating

Epoxy coating is a top-rated option for industrial floors. The following are the advantages that epoxy coating offers:

  • It is highly durable and can withstand the stress of heavy machinery. Epoxy lasts longer than all the other available options. If properly cared for and maintained, the coating will last several decades to offer the best value.
  • It is also resistant to staining caused by chemical spills. Besides, it can withstand elements like fluctuating temperatures, heavy impact, and fire.
  • During the installation process, epoxy is much easier to customize to fit your needs and preferences.
  • Epoxy is also less abrasive than the other available options in the market. The floor coating causes vehicles and heavy machinery to wear at a reduced rate.

Concrete polish

Many businesses attest to the benefits that concrete polish offers over the other available options. The coating is popular for the following reasons:

  • The coating is stain resistant and will handle any damage that is caused by oil and other chemicals.
  • It is also slip-resistant and is ideal for industries that handle all kinds of liquids.
  • It is a low maintenance coating and thus is more affordable in the long run. Besides, the concrete coating doesn't require frequent maintenance because concrete wears at a slower rate than some of the other available options.
  • Concrete polish is effortless to clean, and you spend less time and costs cleaning your industrial floor.
  • It is also eco-friendly as it absorbs and reflects light. Therefore, this minimizes the use of electricity in the industry, saving you both money and power.

Why It Is Important To Choose the Right Equipment for the Job

Installing a new floor coating is an intricate process that has to be done right for durability purposes. An amateur installation results in boding and curing failures, which compromise the durability of the floor. An excellent contractor should use the right tools and products to complete the installation in a time and cost-effective way.

At the Onfloor Technologies, we have the latest equipment, technology, and eco-friendly materials to install a quality industrial floor with minimum downtime. We also are a leading manufacturer of floor resurfacing equipment for a multitude of surfaces and applications. We strive to provide safe, durable, and low maintenance flooring solutions for industrial spaces. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our equipment and floor coatings.New call-to-action