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The Only Walk Behind Concrete Grinder You Need

Ever looked at a big slab of concrete you're trying to sort out and wonder why the plain, old tool you're using doesn't seem to be enough?

A concrete grinder is essentially a sander, a piece of industrial equipment made to even out slabs of concrete if they wind up scratched up and looking sloppy.

Sometimes called a concrete planer, this tool is used to grind and smooth out a concrete surface. It can also be utilized in different preparations such as a surface polishing tool, to aggressively remove an outside coating, and as a polishing tool to finish.

It can be used in many configurations such as a handheld tool for smaller surfaces like a worktop or countertop. Much larger machines, such as walk-behind concrete grinders, are frequently used to grind down on floors and are made to handle more stress.

These types of grinders can be utilized on marble, granite, and, of course, concrete. The latter is the most common, as it has a higher sliding surface than the former two.

We can offer the only ones that a consumer will ever need. Keep reading along to find out why.



Walk-Behind Concrete Grinders

Walk-Behind Concrete Grinders

Today we are discussing floor grinders, the kind which the customer will use to slide over the surface while controlling the machine from behind.

Our grinders are cutting edge and more productive than others on the market. From high-speed grinding to wet/dry operations, our machinery will be utilized to smooth out cracks and high spots on everything from commercial flooring to higher surface work.

These highly efficient machines contour to the floor surface of choice and can be adjusted to increase or decrease the grinding head. It can also handle up to 150 pounds of grinding pressure for productivity.

Our floor concrete grinders are more lightweight and give you more production with significantly less time.

Their wet/dry operations give the client the flexibility to utilize the grinders on more surfaces of choice. And their self-maintenance platforms allow them to be disassembled in mere minutes instead of hours.


OF9S-L Concrete Floor Grinder

OF9S-L Concrete Floor Grinder

One of the best floor grinders on the market right now, this multi-surface machine has the capabilities of 1/8". Leveling spots flat, grinding cracks, and removing coatings as is needed.

It can double as a deck surfacing machine when utilized with the appropriate deck brush. It can also be maneuvered into tight spaces if need be.

As previously mentioned, consumers can use the machine on wet or dry surfaces as well as remove belts and bearings in minutes, not hours.

And once again, it offers faster operation, easier production, and more mobility with its lighter-weight design.


16S-H Planetary 16" Floor Model

16S-H Planetary 16" Floor Model

Want a powerful, multi-surface model? Look no further than this one with multi-purpose capabilities and triple-belt planetary technology.

As opposed to our previous grinder, this particular model has a 16" cutting path as well as a high-speed grinding capacity in a still lightweight design. And it can handle heavier grinding pressure at 180 pounds for increased productivity.

It has a removable handle to reduce overall height if needed and flexible patented tool plates to contour to floors for much quicker mobility.

And if the consumer is already familiar with our designs, they know this model will have a handy wet/dry operations handle, as well as a self-maintenance platform for easy parts removal.


20S-H Planetary 20" Floor Grinder

20S-H Planetary 20" Floor Grinder

One of the faster models here, this grinder model is multi-surface, much like its fellow counterparts, and it has a bigger, 20" cutting path.

For faster grinding pressure, it can hold up to 282 pounds to increase productivity in the long run. It has higher speeds to grind down on a stone, terrazzo, and heavy concrete.

This model can also go as high as 500 square feet per hour in production rates. It also incorporates a high speed of 1000 rpm, making it one of the fastest grinders in the market.

Our patented tool system also sets it up to be the fastest tool change in the industry.


OF30Pro Planetary 30" Floor Grinder 

OF30Pro Planetary 30" Floor Grinder 

Our last model is a highly efficient machine of multiple applications. It can be both a floor grinder and polisher as well as a sander for wood flooring.

A diverse machine, this triple-belt technology provides a truly unique Spirograph pattern on the floor as it works. 

It is designed for applications such as sanding wood, grinding and polishing concrete, and removing all kinds of coatings and adhesives. It is both heavy-duty and light enough to deal with both wood sanding and grinding concrete.

It can handle up to 680 pounds of grinding pressure and can prepare up to 1500 feet per hour of concrete. And it has a larger 30" cutting path.

Variable speed control can adjust speeds to any required application. And its zero weight transport allows for easy job site mobility.



Interesting Things to Note About Concrete Floor Grinding

Lets' start with the fact that concrete material is the most commonly utilized in construction working. Over half of human beings live in such structures—70 percent, in fact.

A concrete grinder, once more, can help with building those structures that can house loved ones or neighbors. It can level out unevenness, smooth out cracks to make it safer, and make a particularly old-looking slab of concrete look good as new.

Floor grinder versions can help prevent initial damage to structures, making them safer for people like business owners and home renters. Most buildings nowadays are at least partially constructed of the material.



A Little About Us

Onfloor Technologies has been in business since 2002 and is headquartered in Newburgh, New York. 

We lead the market in providing services for preparing, resurfacing, and maintaining floors. All of our models of walk-behind grinders have our patented triple-belt system, providing power with less electricity.

We remain the leaders in multi-surface passive planetary floor restoration machines. We are customer-focused and have only the customer's needs in mind and whatever pleases you pleases us!

We would love to hear from anybody interested in getting to know our products and services right here.

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