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When Should You Resurface Concrete? Everything You Need to Know

Resurfacing is an excellent option for deteriorated or damaged driveways. It's also a great way to make a property more attractive. It can be the perfect solution for driveways that bring down the property value.

Did you know well-maintained driveways can add $10,000 - $20,000 to the property value?

This article on the need for consumers to resurface concrete will inform businesses. The information will help businesses to walk consumers through the process.

We'll share about what causes damage to the surface. We'll also cover how to tell if a prior resurface needs resurfacing again. And, a few tips on getting the best results will surface.


resurface concrete

Resurface Concrete

Most people think that concrete will last forever. This leads to a lack of maintenance that weakens the structure. It doesn't take long before severe weather conditions can turn a driveway into an eyesore.

Poor-looking driveways need regular care and are often unsafe.

Skilled professionals can refresh any type of driveway damage. They have the skills and equipment to turn the eyesore into appealing sight.

But if there is structural damage to concrete, the effort is more significant. This requires an assessment to determine which of three steps the driveway needs. These steps include repairs, resurfacing, or replacement.

Here are some questions for the consumer to contemplate that will open a dialog for the project:

  • How deep are the cracks?
  • Can the stains come out or get covered?
  • Is the concrete solid, or does it move?
  • Has part of the concrete sunk?
  • Is the driveway an eyesore?

These questions will help drive conversation and decisions. The goal is to give the consumer an idea of their needs. Otherwise, most individuals lack an appreciation for what the project might cost.

Let's review the three areas that an assessment might take on the project.


Small cracks and wear-and-tear may only need minor patching. The process includes the use of epoxy or cement patchwork. But resurfacing might also make the driveway more appealing.

Deeper cracks signal a structural issue that might need an engineer's review. But most deeper cracks need a section of concrete replaced. Patching is seldom the sole solution to a problem.

No one wants to take a shortcut by patching a more significant issue. All too often, it leads to the driveway resplitting a few weeks later.

Repairs can be obvious and reduce the property value. But when resurfacing is a part of the answer, the resale value of the property rises. This is due to a more uniform look than what patchwork can provide.


Resurfacing is a solution for driveways with a hole or a crack. Resurfacing concrete covers the top level of the existing driveway. Sometimes this top-level needs some grinding for the new layer to go on.

This will not fix any major problems with the driveway, but it will make it look better. And, when done after repairs, the property value rises. This new surface also covers stains and minor wear and tear.


The most drastic approach is to tear out an old driveway and put in a new one. This may be the only choice if the surface has cracked all the way through and is unstable. This is also the most expensive option.

resurface concrete budget

Set a Concrete Resurfacing Budget

Having the consumer set aside funds over a few years to resurface worn concrete is crucial. Those who only budget for repair work often feel disappointed. The patchwork can never generate the same sensation of a new resurfacing project.

When consumers budget for repairs and resurfacing, their curbside appeal rises. Most consumers receive a high ROI. The best part of resurfacing is the ability to change the texture and pattern of the driveway.


How to Resurface concrete

How to Resurface

Resurfacing is a less expensive way to bring eye appeal back to a driveway. The new look will generate an excellent ROI for far less cost than replacing the old driveway. A new driveway will also take several days, while a resurfacing of the driveway only takes a matter of hours.

The proper way to resurface a driveway includes the following steps:

Clean and Repair Cracks

Concrete resurfacing preparation starts with cleaning the surface and cracks. The most efficient way of cleaning out cracks is with a power washer. This equipment will get buried debris out from the cracks.

It is also a good idea to power wash the entire driveway to remove any oils and dirt. Hold the tip of the sprayer about 4" away from the surface. This assumes the use of a fan tip rated up to 3500 PSI.

When a blemish requires extra effort, a wire brush will simplify the task. A shop vac can be useful to clean the concrete. Once dry, which takes about 2-hours, use an epoxy product to repair the cracks.

Cracks that are less than a half-inch deep don't need filling. The resurfaced mix can handle all divots and small cracks.

Call patchwork will need 6-hours of drying time when temperatures are around 73°F or so. Drying time increases with colder temperatures. Check your resurfaced mix instructions for proper drying times.

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Mix and Apply Resurfacer Product

Concrete resurfacer products come as a powder that needs mixing with water. The most common tool for this activity is a paddle mixer. Make sure to stay within the guidelines of the product's water requirements.

Start with water in a 5-gallon bucket. Add a little product at a time while mixing. Never rush this process to make sure the consistency is best for spreading and coverage. Also, use rubber gloves to protect the hands of those working with the materials.

The product must have a thin consistency for easy application. The application must be within a short period of time once the consistency is perfect.

Pour a line from one side of the driveway to the other and use a squeegee to spread it at the same thickness.

The ideal depth of resurfaced mix is about 1/4-1/2".

If the driveway is too long to manage before the product dries, break the job into sections. Keep the worked section to about 140 square feet.

But, make sure to place foam weather stripping in the slots between slabs. This is to avoid the resurfacing material from filling in the expansion joints. These planned gaps allow for natural slab movement without cracking.

Try to avoid getting any of the resurfacer mixes on the strips. After the resurfaced is dry, which takes about 6-hours, pull up the weather stripping.

Seal the Concrete

The most important part of resurfacing is sealing the driveway. This extends the life of the surface and makes it easier to clean. The key is making sure the resurfacing has cured before sealing it.

Consider researching which resurfacing products and sealants will be best for the region. Each region has a set of requirements based on natural surroundings and weather.

An understanding of the tools and techniques will also increase the driveway's longevity. This form of developing a familiarity for the process brings a great deal of comfort to the consumer.


onfloor resurfacing equipment

Resurfacing Equipment

The best equipment for preparing and resurfacing driveways starts with great support. This takes the form of customer service and technical support. A third important factor includes innovation.

Customer Service

Onfloor Technologies is a family-owned and operated business. Our focus is to simplify the preparing, resurfacing, and maintaining floors. This requires real people who understand the DIY and business world.

Most products can ship the same day the order comes in. We deliver high-end/low-cost equipment and abrasives. Our high-quality efforts, equipment, and accessories simplify the workload.

Technical Support

Our technical staff can fit any project with suitable materials and equipment. This includes the resurfacing of concrete, wood, decks, stone, and steel. The recommended tools empower businesses to diversify their offers and maximize their investment.

Innovation Support

After scanning a few reviews, most businesses learn how to save. For instance, using our 16" machine in tight areas instead of a standard 30" machine makes a big difference. This innovation saves both time and money.


resurface concrete for a new look

Resurface Concrete for a New Look

We've reviewed the steps to resurface concrete when the driveway looks worn and pitted. The options are repairing, resurfacing, and replacing the driveway. There are times when the driveway needs a combination of the three.

The only cost-effective solution is resurfacing. This service saves the consumer money and increases their property's resale value.

Contact us at Onfloor Technologies to learn more. We'll be happy to answer your questions and provide you a demo of our products.

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