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What is World of Concrete and Should You Attend?

World of Concrete is the largest annual event in the commercial construction industry. It brings together thousands of masonry and general concrete professionals to showcase the industry's latest developments and exploit new and better ways of getting things done.

World of Concrete has been around for over four decades now. It was started in 1975 and had been getting better with every passing year.

Here is an overview of what the event entails.

World of Concrete — A Brief Overview

World of Concrete was started in 1975 in Houston, Texas. It takes place every year, usually at the start of the year (around January and February). The event usually spans an average of four days and takes up as much as 700,000 square feet of space. It has been held in many of the major cities across the country, and the 2021 event is scheduled to take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCVA) in Las Vegas.


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Why World of Concrete?

The ultimate goal of World of Concrete annual events is to get the commercial construction industry moving forward essentially. There essentially are two classes of attendees: attendees who are there to exhibit their new products, and attendees there to see these new products and innovative ideas.

If you are a manufacturer, you should attend the World of Concrete event to market your brand, products, and services. Companies that participate in the event exhibit a range of construction products and equipment. Good examples include floor grinders, polished concrete tiles, wooden floor decks, and more! 

If you are not seeking to sell anything, you can attend the event to get an insight into the commercial construction industry's latest developments. This is where you will see innovative construction equipment and new construction ideas. Professionals in various industry sectors attend the event to get insights into things that can improve the quality of their products and services.


The Players

World of Concrete brings together different professionals in the commercial construction industry. The key players are exhibitors and original equipment manufacturers. The event brings together an estimated 1,500 exhibitors and manufacturers every year. Their exhibitions usually take up about 700,000 square feet of space allocated both indoors and outdoors.

World of Concrete is also inclusive of other smaller organizations in the industry. For example, it features the Mason Contractors Association of America (MCAA), which brings together professional masons from all over the world. The organization keeps masons updated on new developments in the industry and educates them on important factors such as safety, recruiting, and fighting for fair codes.

The event also attracts more than 60,000 professionals in various sectors of the industry. The range of attendees includes:

  • Commercial contractors and managers
  • Residential contractors
  • General contractors
  • Speciality concrete contractors
  • Dealers and distributors
  • Rental equipment centres
  • Engineers

Anyone with interest in the commercial construction industry can attend the WOC annual event. The wide range of exhibitors and their impressive exhibitions means that there is always something for everyone.


On the Sidelines of WOC — Special Events

Hundreds of special events and tours take place on the sidelines of World of Concrete events every year. These special events and tours are mostly sponsored by companies looking to sell new products.

The Decorative Concrete Live! A special event sponsored by Concrete Décor Magazine is a good example. The event showcased new innovative ways of crafting colourful cityscapes. It ran for the fourth consecutive year in the most recent 2019 World of Concrete event, where it attracted more than 5,000 attendees from all over the world. It plans on going bigger in the coming years.

Special events on the sidelines of WOC also include exclusive meetings with some of the world's leading experts. Attendees get a chance to interact with these insightful individuals over breakfasts, luncheons, and other special events.

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Attendee Requirements and Regulations

So, are you sold on attending the World of Concrete event? Registering for a World of Concrete event is a simple and quick affair. Registration takes place online via the registration tab located at the top right-hand corner of the website. Simply click this tab and provide the necessary details if you wish to register.

You can register with a variety of social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) or via your email. You can then proceed to choose the registration options that suit your courses of interest. Next, explore the various events and sign up to the ones that are relevant to your chosen registration options.

All registration can be done online, but applicants must get their badges in-person. You should take the emailed registration confirmation letter to your nearest on-site registration center and submit it to get your badge printed. The main requirement to get your badge is an official ID, such as a driver's license. You can also renew or edit an existing registration in the same way.

The process is a bit different for companies and exhibitors. Every exhibitor must have an exhibitor registration code. You will need to use this code to get an exhibition booth. You can find the registration form for exhibitors here.  The competition is always heated, so remember to submit your registration early to maximize your chances of getting vacant space for your booth.

The cost of registration depends on a variety of factors, including your chosen registration options and booked events. Every option and event is clearly priced in the registration forms.

PS. Photography is strictly restricted within the exhibition halls. Attendees seeking to take pictures or videos for any reason must first get a permit for the exhibiting company and relevant organizers. All pictures and films taken without a permit are liable to deletion, and attendees who break this rule risk getting kicked out of the exhibitions. 

Bottom Line: Should You Go?

So, should you attend the next World of Concrete event? There is no reason why you shouldn't. You will get the latest insight into new developments, explore the construction industry in its entirety, and network with key players who will take your business to the next level.

If you have any queries, don't hesitate to call any of our professionals at OnFloor Technologies, and we will be more than willing to lend a hand.

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