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What is Concrete Stain and Which Are the Best?

Although concrete is a durable, useful material, it isn't one of the prettiest.

That's why concrete stain is a fantastic choice for those who are tired of the same old dull concrete on their property. Your concrete flooring will undergo a complete transformation with the simplicity of concrete stain.

But with all the information out there, narrowing down the benefits of concrete stain is quite a challenge.

That's why we compiled our ultimate guide to concrete stain. We will also dive into some of the best concrete stain products on the market, and how these can benefit you.



What Is Concrete Stain?

To put it simply, concrete stain is a liquid meant to beautify your concrete floor. Much like wood stain, concrete stain is designed to add colors or an organic effect to concrete flooring.

There are a few major types of concrete stain: acid-based, water-based, solvent-based, powdered acetone, and liquid acetone.


Acid-Based Stain

Acid-Based Stain

Acid-based stain is a tried and true method when it comes to concrete renovation.

Acid stains react with the concrete itself, which creates a permanent color that won't fade or chip over time. The stain is almost absorbed into the porous concrete through the reaction. This makes acid stain an excellent choice for outdoor work.

However, acid stain colors are limited, which may be a downside to some consumers.


Water-Based Stain

Water-Based Stain

Rather than interacting chemically with concrete, water-based stains adhere to the surface of the concrete. It's typically easier to apply than acid stains, dries more quickly, and is available in a wider array of colors.


Solvent-Based Stain

Solvent-Based Stain

Like water-based, solvent stains bond with the surface of concrete, utilizing a solvent mixture during application. A solvent stain is a great addition to epoxies to add some color.


Powdered Acetone

Powdered Acetone

Perfect for indoor spaces, powdered acetone comes in a range of colors and dries very quickly. They are not suitable for outdoor use, however, as they fade easily in sunlight.


Liquid Acetone

Liquid Acetone

Liquid acetone has an even greater selection of colors than its powdered counterpart. One advantage it has over powdered acetone stains is that it's suitable for outdoor use.




What Goes Into Concrete Staining?

Before you can jump into concrete staining, there are quite a few steps to cross off your list. Concrete staining is a relatively easy project but requires an allotment of time and patience.

1. The Cleaning

Your concrete has to be squeaky clean before you can begin staining.

It's a good idea to use a specialty cleaner on your concrete to make sure all the grime and grease are thoroughly removed. Move all furniture, tools, cars, or whatever is living on your concrete out of the area. This will make prepping your work area much easier.

Then give your concrete flooring a good sweeping. Once the majority of dust, dirt, and other materials are off your floors, give them a good scrubbing with the cleaner of your choice.


2. The Preparation

Once your floors have been cleaned and are dry, it's time to gather your concrete tools and all your supplies.

First, take a look at your concrete. Before you stain, you will want to make sure any cracks are patched and that all grease stains are removed.

Renting a concrete grinder is not a bad idea. A grinder can smooth out any rough patches, or help scrub off those stubborn stains that washing will not remove.

With plenty of concrete prep packages available, finding the right grinder and additional supplies has never been easier.

And if you find yourself stumped using the grinder, there are a plethora of how-to videos available to guide you through the process.



What Are Some of the Best Concrete Stains?

It is actually fairly simple to find recommendations for the best concrete stains.

There are several brands that are highly regarded among concrete stains, both for their beautiful results and ease of use.


1. VIVID Acid Stain 

1. VIVID Acid Stain 

Regarded as one of the best acid-based stains both for indoor and outdoor use, the VIVID brand is highly regarded as a universally great choice.

Its ease of use and permanent effect makes it a top choice for consumers. However, it is good to know that the stain results can differ based on your concrete. It is a wise idea to test a small portion with the stain so that you can get an idea of what the color will look like when complete.


2. Kemiko Stone Tone

2. Kemiko Stone Tone

Another acid-based stain, Kemiko Stone Tone is widely regarded as an excellent choice for achieving a natural, stone-like look. Stone Tone is touted as a great choice for both interior and exterior concrete, giving you a lot of versatility and adaptability.


3. Concrete Resurrection

3. Concrete Resurrection

Concrete Resurrection is one of the best water-based stains you can find.

The flexibility of this stain is what consumers love. You can choose between a marbled effect or more of an opaque look, with a range of colors to choose from. The stain is very easy to use, as well as environmentally-friendly.


4. Surecrete Ecostain

4. Surecrete Ecostain

If you like the look of concrete, but want to shake things up with a different tone, Surecrete Ecostain is the stain for you.

This water-based stain is easily adaptable to a variety of colors based on mixing and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.



The Choice is Yours

Concrete stain is a fun way to add great color and effects to your concrete floors, driveways, patios, and so much more.

With tons of color options and a range of application levels, concrete stains have never been easier to add to your property. 

Onfloor Technologies is here to assist you with all your concrete needs. From our great selection of tools and machines to our extensive blog collection with plenty of tips and tricks, our experts are readily available.

Book a demo today, and find out what we can do for you and your concrete. With over 15 years of experience, there is no concrete question that we can't answer. Contact us today and find out for yourself.

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