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How Much Will a Concrete Grinder Remove?

Property building and management cause a lot of stress for the owners and contractors undergoing the work. You can quickly overlook the little things as you aim to meet deadlines and produce good quality jobs. As such, it may be easy to overlook the importance of concrete grinding.

Concrete grinding is an important part of any construction project as it removes layers of existing concrete and levels out irregularities, creating a smooth surface that is ready for whatever comes next. But how much will a concrete grinder actually remove?

What is Concrete Grinding?

Last year, we saw a 4.8 percent increase in authorized building permits. This signals that more construction projects are moving forward and that means concrete grinding is increasingly important.

Concrete grinding is a process of using an abrasive tool, such as a diamond wheel or a handheld grinder, to grind down the rough surface of existing concrete in order to level out any irregularities and create a smoother surface.

onfloor concrete grinder machine
When Should You Use a Concrete Grinder?

Concrete grinding can be used for a variety of reasons such as leveling out uneven floors, smoothing down rough edges, and even removing old deposits of glue or paint. It is important to choose the right grinder for the job so you can ensure that it will provide the best results.

Generally speaking, concrete grinders should be used when there is at least one quarter of an inch to remove before the surface can be level. The everyday wear and tear of concrete floors can cause them to become stained, scratched or otherwise damaged. What's more, some adhesives like glue may be impossible to remove once they have set on the surface. That’s why a concrete grinder is an essential tool that can help you fix these issues. Concrete, if left untreated, would appear porous and uneven, and a concrete grinder will quickly remedy this.

In addition, concrete grinding is a better alternative to removing and replacing worn concrete surfaces as the concrete grinding cost is far less than replacement costs. So, before you try to install a new concrete floor, consider using a concrete grinder to restore the existing concrete surface instead.

concrete floor

How Much Can a Concrete Grinder Remove?

Concrete grinding depends on the type of grinder and the abrasive tool you’re using, but an average standard angle grinder can remove up to 1/16” of material in one pass, though deeper cuts are possible with multiple passes. On the other hand, if you are trying to remove at least 1/8 of the concrete flooring, it will require two passes to achieve. It is important to note that the depth of cut should be determined before beginning the job so that you get the best results.

For example, if your goal is to level out an uneven concrete floor, then the grinder should be set to remove just enough material to level the surface area. But if you are trying to remove old paint or adhesive from a concrete surface, it is best to start with a light shallow cut and increase the depth of cut as needed until all of the material has been removed. As for removing several layers of epoxy and concrete, the grinder should be set to make a deep cut in order to remove all of the layers.

Nonetheless, the amount of material that a concrete grinder can remove depends on the type of machine and its specifications, such as its horsepower and disc size. A single disc grinder is best for lighter jobs such as polishing surface imperfections, while a dual disc grinder will provide more power and is best suited for heavier jobs.

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The Concrete Grinding Process

Planetary grinders on the contrary, are more powerful than a single-disc or dual-disc grinder and can remove up to ¼” of concrete material in one pass. This makes them ideal for aggressive grinding of large surface areas, as they are capable of removing the most amount of concre

Before you begin the concrete grinding process, it is important to make sure the area is clean and free from dust, any debris or obstructions. This will help ensure that the grinder can work more efficiently when it comes to removing even layers of concrete. Additionally, make sure to wear safety glasses and a dust mask while grinding to protect your eyes and lungs from any hazardous particles.

Once the area is prepped, begin the grinding process by using a slow speed diamond cup wheel for surface removal or for more precise applications, switch over to diamond polishing pads. Increase the pressure of the concrete grinder as needed in order to make sure all the excess concrete material is being removed.

After you are done grinding concrete, it is important to vacuum the area with a shop vac or industrial vacuum cleaner in order to remove any remaining dust particles from the floor surface. This will help avoid any issues that may occur due to dust and debris clinging to the flooring.

Finally, use an industrial-grade sealer to protect the concrete floor from any future damage and discoloration. Doing so will help extend the life of your concrete floor while keeping it looking like new.

A polished concrete floor is a great way to give any room a modern face lift and achieve a sophisticated aesthetic. With the help of a concrete grinder with the right attachments, you can easily level out uneven floors, restore old or worn surfaces, or remove paint and adhesive from concrete slabs and surfaces.

onfloor concrete grinder top view

Final Thoughts

Concrete grinding is an effective way to improve a concrete surface’s appearance and can even increase its longevity. With the right tools, this process can be completed with minimal effort and time. As long as you properly prepare the area, use the right type of grinder and diamond tools, and apply a sealer to protect your flooring afterwards, concrete removal and grinding can be completed with precision and ease.

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