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How Much Will a Concrete Grinder Remove?

Last year saw a 4.8 percent increase in authorized building permits.

How many new construction or remodel jobs did you take on over the past few months?

Property building and management cause a lot of stress for the owners and contractors undergoing the work. You can quickly overlook the little things as you aim to meet deadlines and produce good quality jobs.

Often, concrete flooring is the last thing you have on your mind with a new building permit in hand. But these floors can polish the whole look of the building when doing a concrete grinder remove process.



When to Use a Concrete Grinder

When to Use a Concrete Grinder

Your familiarity with properties and construction means you see all the flaws in a space. Water damage or drywall issues stick out like a sore thumb when you review the building.

Yet floors can often stand out as being the least flawless part in a home or business.

Concrete floorings can become stained or worn down from use. Concrete adhesives, such as glue, are almost impossible to remove once bonded with the surface. These situations and more become the reasons that a concrete grinder is a necessary tool to understand.

Concrete left untreated appears porous and uneven. Using concrete grinders enhances the look of a space by creating a smooth and polished surface.

Think of the last time you walked through an upscale hotel lobby. Many of these institutions have concrete floors, but you would never know from the high shine they give off.

Your client may be asking you to polish an unsightly concrete floor. They may have glue left on the floor from past repairs or flooring projects that take away from space's beauty. You need a grinder to remove unnecessary substances, create a smooth surface, and add a bit of shine.



How Much Does a Concrete Grinder Remove

How Much Does a Concrete Grinder Remove

You can picture how useful a grinder will be in perfecting and amplifying a space. You may feel it to be an even better option than removing and replacing worn concrete floors. But it is essential to know the answer to how much does a concrete grinder remove.

On average, using concrete grinders will remove around 1/16 of an inch in one pass. You need to be diligent and patient in eliminating several layers of concrete and adhesives.

Concrete grinding is a slow but valuable process to have in your repertoire!

Decide the amount of concrete you are attempting to get rid of in the process before you start, and make it manageable. A 1/2 inch tends to be on the higher side of your potential removal.

Think through the process in 1/16 layers of concrete per pass. Removing 1/8 of the concrete flooring will need two passes to achieve.

Floors with higher amounts of glue will need a pass or more dedicated to removing the adhesive alone. You will succeed in your polished look when making the best plan that allows for the proper amount of steady passes.


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The Process for How to Remove Concrete

You cannot be over-prepared when using concrete grinders, as it takes planning to understand the time needed to achieve your flooring goals. To remove flooring, you need to understand the tool, pick the best shoe, and plan out the timeline.


Preparing the Grinder

Preparing the Grinder

Preparing concrete grinders first starts with understanding the machine you are using and how much flooring you wish to remove. A concrete grinder is a powerful machine that is strong enough to cut through hard surfaces.

You should prioritize your safety by understanding the machine. Preparation looks like reviewing the manual front to back. The manufacturer's website also provides updated details and videos for using the grinder.

The machine should be your next focus once you are familiarized with the product. Go through each of the components and ensure they are undamaged and clean.  


Picking the Best Diamond Shoe

Picking the Best Diamond Shoe

This may be the most crucial step in preparing concrete grinders for success and ease: picking the best diamond shoe to fit your needs.

The shoe makes contact with the flooring and grinds away the layers of concrete you wish to erase. It has a hard diamond covering that is strong enough to cut through surfaces and adhesives.

There are a few different options for diamond shoes to put on your concrete grinder. This is why it becomes important to plan out the grinding process beforehand to choose the best one.

Diamond shoes come in different styles and strengths depending upon the floor's current state and how much concrete you aim to remove. Knowing this information before you start the project makes it easier to pick the right shoe.

You should replace the diamond shoes at the beginning of each new project. Replacing it halfway through creates an uneven grind you want to avoid.


Planning Your Time

Planning Your Time

Planning out your time is the final step in preparing concrete grinders. You need to be patient and precise in using the grinder to remove all the layers of concrete.

Even and clean passes create a smooth finish across the floor. Going slowly also means you can cut through adhesives without bumps or imperfections.

Further, you need to account for extra time to remove an even amount of concrete flush to the wall. Some machines are too large to get aligned with baseboards or around corners. Additional handheld machines will add time to your schedule.

Your clients will appreciate the detailed timelines you give them with this step in the process. It will also better allow for you to know how many working hours will go into the project from the start.



Where to Get a Grinder Machine

So how much does your concrete grinder remove? The answer is simple: it cuts through all of the imperfections, glue residue, and unevenness of the floors.

Concrete grinding creates a polished and high shine floor that amplifies your business or residential property's overall look. Putting adequate time into the preparation will make your work even more useful.

Ready to get started on your project? Shop our variety of floor grinders that will accomplish any large or small job you have.

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