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Concrete for a Driveway: How Much Do You Need?

Are you preparing to build your brand new concrete driveway? You've dug up the ground, put in your stakes, and now you just need the cement. 

But how do you know much is enough concrete for a driveway? If you're going to the hardware store, you want to be precise with your measurements, so you know how many bags you're going carry out to the car. Or if you decide to go with a contractor, you want to be accurate with the amount you order from them.

Fortunately, you don't need to be a mathematician to work out the figures. So instead of agonizing over how to carry the one, use these expert tips to work out how much concrete you need to carry to the car and pave a driveway.


What's the Best Concrete for a Driveway?

What's the Best Concrete for a Driveway?

Before you take out your tape measure and start punching in numbers to a calculator, you need to decide on the type of cement you're going to use. Not all driveway concrete is created equal, as different mixes are better for different kinds of jobs.

Regular or modern concrete is mixed with sand and other common elements to help it withstand pressure like grinding. There are different types that are listed as high or ultra-high performance. This can handle anything that's thrown at it and is a good candidate for concrete driveways.

There are also other materials to consider, such as cork, cellular, glass, asphalt, and roller-compacted. If you want certainty on what's the right option for your concrete driveway, then check with a specialist before you hand over any money.


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How Much Concrete Do You Need?

Once you're clear on the type of concrete material you need for your driveway, the next step is understanding how much of it you need. The most common measurement that's used for any concrete project in cubic yards. You can use the calculation that one cubic yard is equal to 27 cubic feet.

For larger concrete projects that are four cubic yards or larger, you'll want to send out for a ready-mix truck to have your materials delivered. You can attempt to mix it yourself then use trailers that are two cubic yards to bring them to your site, but this is a lot of extra work to achieve the same result as a truck.

If your driveway is smaller, then you can hire a concrete mixer to make your cement. Alternatively, you can also use the sacks that just require some water to create the concrete.

To measure how much concrete you should order, you will want to start by marking off the area and dividing it into smaller sections. Then calculate the volume by determining the type of shape of the driveway and multiplying how thick it will be. Finally, convert the volume into cubic yards to understand how much concrete you'll need.



How Do You Calculate Different Concrete Driveways Shapes?

How Do You Calculate Different Concrete Driveways Shapes?

You might be wondering how to pave a driveway that's not your traditional rectangular shape. You could also be trying to figure out how much concrete you need to order for this driveway. While it might take a little more time to calculate it, the final product is sure to look spectacular.



Your standard rectangular shape is the easiest to measure, even if your driveway isn't a traditional form. Section off your driveway into this pattern and multiply the length by the width.



Circular driveways might seem odd, but they exist. To calculate for this shape, you're going to want to square the radius first and then multiply it by 3.1416.



If you're using triangles to section off your driveway, then you'll need a different type of calculation to understand how much concrete you need. Start by halving the base length and then multiply by height.



Hexagons can also be an effective way to divide a driveway into an easily measurable shape. To calculate how much concrete you need, square the length of one of the sides and multiply it by 5.19. Once you have that figure, divide it by two.



How Much Does Concrete Cost?

Now you know how much concrete you need, it's time to finalize your budget and understand the costs of concrete. The type of cement you use to pave your driveway will also determine how much you have to spend.

For a basic style concrete driveway that features only one coloring method and a textured finish will set you back $8 to $12 for a square foot. These types of driveways may also feature an exposed aggregate and a border.

A more elaborate driveway that contains more decorative effects, colors, and patterns are naturally more expensive. For these concrete driveways, you'll expect to pay $12 to $18 per square foot.

A high-end driveway can cost up to $18 per square foot or more, depending on how long it is. These types of driveways might also feature multiple patterns, colors, and a design in the middle of it to further enhance it.



How Do I Finish My Concrete Driveway?

How Do I Finish My Concrete Driveway?

No one wants too much concrete for a driveway, which is why it's important to measure it out as accurately as possible. The key is to sectioning off the area into shapes and calculating the square feet.

If you're looking for a good way to finish your project, we offer a range of tools that can provide you with a polished look that will leave your neighbors looking envious. Whether it's for putting the final touches on your project or completing some concrete driveway repair, you should get in contact with us for all of your floor finishing requirements.

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