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4 Creative Concrete Resurfacing Ideas

Are you noticing that the concrete around your business is starting to look cracked and dirty? Whether you own a business or a rental property, the look of old, marred concrete can impact people's impressions right away. They may feel as if the business isn't as professional as it seems. 

If the concrete has been particularly neglected, they may not feel it's trustworthy. However, you can quickly cast these aspersions away through concrete resurfacing. This is a simple and fast technique that elevates the look of concrete to a new level. 

Read on to learn about different concrete resurfacing ideas to get you started today! 



What is Concrete Resurfacing

What is Concrete Resurfacing? 

It's first important to understand what is concrete resurfacing and why it's so necessary. Concrete resurfacing can also be called concrete restoration, refinishing, or rejuvenation. It's a technique that allows your concrete to become smoother, more durable, and more attractive. 

After the concrete is prepared, a cement-based overlay that's mixed with bonding agents is poured over the concrete. Once it adheres and sets, you'll have a surface that looks brand new. You'll know it's time to resurface your concrete if you notice cracks overtime. 

Resurfacing is also perfect for hiding any imperfections such as discoloration. It's important to remember that you can't resurface concrete that has severe damage such as cracks or heaving. In those cases, the concrete will need to be repaired first. 


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Concrete Resurfacing Ideas

When it comes to concrete resurfacing, you have far more variety of choice than you may have realized. You can choose from different colors, stains, and patterns that can mimic other materials such as stone or tile. The best part is that concrete requires less maintenance. 


Stamped Concrete Overlay 

1. Stamped Concrete Overlay 

This is one of the most popular options for patios and pools because it's able to mimic brick, tile, and other materials. You'll have the look of a beautiful stone floor without having to purchase or maintain those expensive materials. Even better, concrete is more durable compared to those options, so your investment will last you a long while. 

It's important that you find the best concrete contractor in your local area, as stamped concrete needs to be applied correctly in order to last the test of time. Whether your concrete is old or new, it needs to be cleaned thoroughly beforehand with any cracks repaired and sealed.

Profiling is also a technique that needs to be applied. This roughens the surface of the concrete and helps the overlay adhere. It's recommended to apply new sealer every few years to keep it durable and fresh. 


Stained Concrete

2. Stained Concrete

Stained concrete is a simpler application that helps elevate the look of concrete for your patios, pool areas, or walkways. You can choose different colors of acid-based stains in order to achieve an organic and attractive effect. Water-based stains have a more uniform look and also enable you to choose from a larger variety of colors. 

Water-based stains can even be used to stain specific graphics or images onto the concrete, such as your business's logo or branding. It can have a surprisingly luxurious look because of its opaqueness and rich color. 

It's important to remember that most stains won't be completely opaque. They're meant to enhance the surface of concrete instead of completely hiding imperfections and blemishes. If you have damage or discoloration that you want hidden, it's recommended to choose a different method, as any cracks or repairs will probably be apparent beneath the stain. 


Spray Knockdown Finish

3. Spray Knockdown Finish

Roller brushes are typically used to apply the stain to the concrete. The spray knockdown method utilizes a hopper gun instead to spray an acrylic coating onto the concrete. Once the acrylic coating sets, a trowel is used to "knockdown" some of the coating in order to create a textured surface. 

This resurfacing method is great for pools, stairs, and walkways because the texture makes it safer to walk on. The acrylic also gives it a unique ability to stay cool even when the hot sun is out, making it perfect for bare feet pattering around a pool. 

If you're looking to make the walkways around your business safer for people with handicaps, this slip-resistant floor can be a great addition. 


Flagstone and Slate Resurfacing

4. Flagstone and Slate Resurfacing

If you want your walkways or driveway to have the appearance of flagstone, slate, or other materials, you may be wondering how that's possible. This is a resurfacing technique with the right tools that uses many methods that we've already addressed above. 

For instance, a concrete sidewalk will be covered with gray cement first in order to mimic the color and texture of grout. After this is finished, an acrylic stain is applied on top that's painted to look like separate flagstones. Oftentimes, these flagstones are handprinted in order to create a natural effect. 



Upgrading Your Exteriors the Easy Way

Upgrading Your Exteriors the Easy Way

Concrete resurfacing is an easy way to upgrade the exterior of your buildings or patios the easy way. You'll be able to enjoy a type of flooring that requires little maintenance but has the appearance of natural stone. If you want a more uniform look, you can also opt for staining that varies in opaqueness and color. 

You'll want to remember to choose a reputable concrete contractor that can work with you and achieve the look you desire. It's important that you work with knowledgeable contractors, as the concrete needs to be prepared and ready in order to last the test of time. 

Ready to begin the process of updated flooring? Contact us today to request a free demo of our products! 

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