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What Are “Grind And Seal” Concrete Floors?

When clients see their flooring falling apart, they may feel they don't have many options. Adding hardwoods or laying tile is expensive, especially if that look doesn't fit the client's style. For some customers, refinishing their concrete subfloor is the perfect option for their home. 

Your clients may not know that their dull concrete can look amazing with the right finish. Grind and seal concrete systems offer a stunning finish that outlasts other flooring types. Concrete floors aren't just for basements and garages anymore!

Exposed concrete is easy to maintain and sanitary for any room of the house. If your customer is restoring their concrete subfloor, a gentle reminder that they don't need new flooring on top can open their minds to beautiful finish concrete floors.

But what is a grind and seal concrete floor? Here's everything you need to know to show your clients why finished concrete floors are the best choice for their home. 


What Is Grind and Seal Concrete

What Is Grind and Seal Concrete?

Plenty of homes are built on a preexisting concrete subfloor. Over the years, it's become standard to add flooring like hardwood, tile, or vinyl on top of the subfloor. However, many homeowners don't know that there are ways to improve the look of their concrete floors without adding another layer on top. 

Once concrete floors are decontaminated and neutralized, they can be finished with a grind and seal system. A grind and seal process can restore concrete floors to their original brilliance and high performance. Even if a concrete floor is old and cracked, you may be able to use a grind and seal treatment to remove surface-level cracks. 

Grinding down the concrete's surface restores the surface level and preps the concrete for sealing. Using a high-powered concrete grinder can remove leftover glue from tiles, grind away stains and finishes, and remove imperfections from the concrete. You can even use it after fixing deeper cracks with a concrete crack sealant to make the floor look good as new before staining concrete floors!


Polished Concrete vs Grind and Seal

Some customers may refer to a grind and seal concrete system as polished concrete. While these two processes have many similarities, they are distinct. It's important to clarify what your client wants and talk about the differences between polishing and sealing. 

Grind and seal polished concrete is usually a concrete floor with a shinier finished look. While a grind and polish system may be a bit more durable, it often isn't worth the price unless the client is clear that they want a highly polished look.

To get true polished concrete, this process uses a densifier to harden the concrete's surface. Then, the surface is heavily refined with a diamond abrasive tool to get the shiny finish that some customers are after. Finally, a polish guard seal is added to give polished concrete its high shine.

If your customer wants the look of a high shine floor but their concrete is in good condition, you may be able to find an epoxy seal that provides the level of shine they're looking for without using a densifier or specific polish guard products.

When it comes to polished concrete vs grind and seal concrete floor, it's best to show the customer what the floor's finish could look like with both options and let them decide. 

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What Are the Benefits of a Grind and Seal Concrete Floor

What Are the Benefits of a Grind and Seal Concrete Floor?

If your customers are weighing the pros and cons of concrete, there are tons of benefits of concrete floors.

Some clients like grind and seal systems because they can offer different granite exposures. Many layers of concrete can be ground down to offer partial or maximum exposure of the stone beneath the concrete's surface. This can offer a unique, natural look that many customers won't expect from the dull concrete they're used to.

In fact, your customer may not even know that there are rocks and stones in their concrete! Seeing what natural concrete looks like may make a refinished concrete floor more appealing.


Explaining Exposure Levels to Customers

Grinding down a concrete floor can expose deeper levels of stones. Most customers think of zero exposure concrete when they talk about concrete. While some may like a standard look without stones, others may be surprised at how much they like a partial or full exposure style

Removing 1 to 3mm from the concrete's top-level to the partial exposure level can show customers what the stones' coloring looks like. A salt and pepper look is becoming popular for homeowners who like the look of stone without the high price tag. Often, partial exposure is the least expensive option for a grind and seal process.

A full-stone exposure can offer a unique look that complements any room. Maximum exposure is usually more expensive because it requires grinding 2 or 3 times and removing up to 6mm of concrete. However, many homeowners love the highly decorative style of high exposure floors, especially once a seal is added.


Affordability of Grind and Seal Concrete Floors

A concrete floor grind and seal offers a low maintenance, beautiful look that can last a century or more. Plus, even the installation costs are affordable compared to other flooring options! If your customer is looking for a cost-effective and sanitary floor, grind and seal concrete is the way to go. 

This grind and seal process is ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Work with your customer to find the right exposure level and sealant to show that this choice is right for them. They'll be glad to see their beautiful new floors and an affordable bill!



Ready to Start Offering Grind and Seal Concrete Flooring

Ready to Start Offering Grind and Seal Concrete Flooring?

If you're providing grind and seal concrete floor services, you'll need the right tools to get started. Getting the right grinder for the job is your first step to expand your services. We've got all the add-ons you need to offer your client beautiful finished concrete flooring. 

Not sure what you need to get started? No problem. Contact our expert team to find the right concrete grinder for you. 

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