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Top 3 Advantages of a Concrete Edge Grinder

With great weather coming through, we know your clients will be spending a lot of time outdoors. A concrete patio or driveway is a great place to hang out with friends, pets, and family.

Even if you're just looking to take your concrete flooring to the next level, we know how important it is to evaluate all your options before getting started. 

We recommend using concrete edge grinders to give you the finish you need on your concrete floors and surfaces. 

You want to make sure the concrete surface, no matter where it's located, is ready for heavy usage. If you're going to layer more materials onto the concrete, you also want to make sure you have an even base to work with. With feet running across this concrete and wheels going up the driveway, you also want to make sure it's safe for all occasions. 

But how do you know your concrete floors are ready to go? How do you get that sleek, professional look for your clients with concrete floors?

There are three major advantages to using concrete edge grinders over other tools. In this guide, we'll walk you through all of these advantages. 



Concrete Edge Grinders

1. Concrete Edge Grinders Provide a Professional Finish

Concrete Edge Grinders can provide a lot of benefits when you're looking for a professional finish. Professional finishes are a must when to comes to working with concrete flooring. Here's why! 


Adding Value to The Home

We know how much value installing concrete driveways and flooring can add to a home. Concrete is a durable surface that can handle all sorts of things -- from trucks to bikes to shoes. The concrete you install will leave an impression on both your clients and their guests. 

We know using a concrete edge grinder will give these driveways a clean, professional finish. The most important thing about a driveway is that it's even. We know an even driveway makes any activity easier to handle. 

Each industrial grinder will have disks attached to them. These disks will remove 1/16th of an inch per pass. When you pass over a section, you will notice a color change. Going over the entirety of the driveway will reveal a new, clean layer of concrete. 


Creating a Refined Look

Grinding can also help remove any discoloration that might have appeared while working with the concrete. It gives concrete floors and driveways a uniform color, without any speckle variation. Grinding will also create a level of shine that will remove the industrial feeling concrete might have had beforehand. 

Grinding concrete at the edge of the driveway and where floors and walls meet can create a perfect 90-degree angle on both the sides and the corners. By having perfect sides, you can provide a sense of satisfaction to your customers. 

We know that at the end of a job, things can be messy. We also know that over time, concrete will need touch-ups. Concrete floors get a lot of traffic, and you need to prepare those floors for usage. 

Dirt can also build upon the floor over time. A quick pass with a grinder and the floor will be as good as new. 


Make Future Cleaning Easier

Grinding concrete also makes it easier to treat. It creates a less porous and more even surface that, over time, will remain cleaner than if it was not ground. 

Diamond padding can help with this. Diamond padding is a more durable type of material that can be attached to a grinder. This will make smoothing and cleaning surfaces easy. 

Grinding concrete and giving it a professional finish can also make cleaning much easier. There will be no bumps to sweep over or have debris get caught in.

When using a power washer to clean your concrete, it's easier to go over areas with a polished surface because you will know they are clean. There will be no specks to make you wonder if there is leftover dirt or if it is just part of the concrete. 

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Create an Even Base to Work On

2. Create an Even Base to Work On

We know that sometimes concrete will just be the first layer of material you install. More material such as wood or carpet might go on top of it. Creating an even base to work on will help make sure whatever goes on top looks perfect. 


When ripping up old carpets, there will be a layer of mastic on the surface. Mastic is a form of carpet glue that can be left on top of concrete when removing a carpet. Using a concrete grinder can make this removal quick and easy when other methods don't work.

We want you to know that when working with mastic, it's important to protect yourself. It can contain asbestos, and you should take every precaution necessary when dealing with it. 

The Value of Diamond Shoes

As you grind your concrete, you want the surface to be as flat as possible. Consider the way you handle the diamond shoe. 

We recommend replacing the diamond padding before you start a new surface. This way, you are using one pad as you go across. If you switch halfway through, the floors will become uneven and it will be hard to fix. 

Future Usage

Even if you are not going to be placing more flooring on top of the concrete, creating an even concrete floor with concrete edge grinders makes future work easier. Countertops, furniture, and appliances all look better and are easier to install on a flat surface. 

By creating an even base, you are also working out all the kinks that might be in the floor or driveway. Creating an even base can prevent future cracking caused by bumps or uneven slabs having weight put on them. If one area of concrete is weaker than another, that area can crack and that damage can spread to other areas of concrete. 




3. Ease on Your Body 

We understand how much strain working on concrete floors can put on your body. Bending over all day long can result in increased back strain. Doing more work than you need can cause more expenses in the future, and we want to do our part to help you avoid those. 

Many different types of concrete edge grinders can save your body without breaking your budget. 

Handheld Grinders

Handheld concrete grinders are great if you are doing something small. Because they are handheld, you do have to do more manual labor to use them. 

Handheld grinders are easy to find and are affordable. You can purchase either manual or electric ones at your local hardware store. It is important to remember that regardless of which one you go with, it will result in more labor on your end. 

Walk-Behind Edgers

If you are working on a bigger surface area, we recommend using a walk-behind edger. When you use these grinders, you can stay upright. By staying upright, you have less stress on your spine, which can help reduce back pain. 

These edgers are great for spaces like swimming pools. You still have to put a level of force behind these grinders, which provides a great workout. Your arms and legs may get sore, which can make things tricky when working on a larger surface. 

Ride-On Grinders

When working on a large surface, such as an entire room or store area, a Ride On Grinder will be your best friend when grinding concrete. This tool is going to be, by far, the easiest on your body and leave you able to do more when you're done. 

All you have to do is take a seat get started. Even better, you only have to use one pass to create a flat surface, clean look, and professional finish. This means you'll have more time for other aspects of your project! 

Danger of Dust

When it comes to grinding concrete, a lot of dust can be produced. To protect your lungs and the rest of your body, we suggest using a vacuum dust collector and protective gear. When paired with your concrete grinder, it removes problematic dust so you don't have to breathe it in.  




Let's Get Grinding! 

We've walked through three major advantages when it comes to concrete edge grinders! You get a clean, professional finish. You can create an even surface, and you can pick different types to go easy on your body. 

If you're looking for a place to get the perfect concrete grinder, OnFloor Technologies is here for you. We are experts when it comes to grinding concrete and trying to pick between different types of machines.  

We offer machines, parts, tools, and all the information you need when it comes to grinding concrete floors. We are here to help you make sure you get everything done right! 

You can reach out to our experts at OnFloor technologies at any time. You can request a demo to see our products in action and pick the perfect one for you. 

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